Plasma Cutters:
HSP40 Inverter Plasma Cutter 40-Amp, Dual-Voltage 115-230 with ½” Genuine Cut Capacity

HSP60 Inverter Plasma Cutter 60-Amp, 208-240-Volt with 3/4” Genuine Cut Capacity
9000-Deluxe 5500-StingerPlus
MIG Welders:

HSG130 Commercial Inverter MIG Welder 130-Amp, 115-volt with 3/16” Capacity


HSG140 Professional Inverter MIG Welder 140-Amp, 115-volt with ¼”” Capacity

5050-Stinger 4550
 HSG200 Professional Inverter MIG Welder 200-Amp, 230-volt with 3/8” Capacity


HSM200 Professional Inverter MIG, TIG & MMA Welder 200-Amp, Dual-voltage 115-230 with Synergic MIG Programs


HST201 Inverter Pulse AC/DC TIG Welder 200-Amp, Dual-Voltage 115-230 for Aluminum & Steel Applications


HSW700 Heavy-Duty Machine Cart with extended top shelf and cylinder support base.


HSW226 Aluminum Spool Gun Rated to 225 Amps with 20’ Coaxial Cable for HSG140, HSG200 & HSM200