UNI-9862 Dual-Pro 2.0 Aluminum And Steel Multi-Function Stud Welding System

Package includes UNI-9812 Machine Cart

UNI-9802/UNI-9862 Dual-Spotter Aluminum and Steel Dent Repair System

• Maximize Your Investment: Why tie up your
investment with two separate systems? Patented Dual-Spotter technology allows for both steel and aluminum repair jobs.
• Versatile Solution: 115V power supply allows
system to be used anywhere in the shop. Bring
the system to your repair!
• Digital Controls: Custom power settings allows user to set panel thickness and stud diameters on both steel and aluminum dent pulling applications.
• Complete Solution: UNI-9862 includes power
supply and cart stocked with all the accessories needed for any type of collision repair job.
• Easy To Use System: Quickly change dedicated torches and grounds to work with both aluminum and steel studs, steel tabs, wiggle wire, and
exclusive weld-tip slide hammer. No chance
for cross-contamination of metals!

Product Description

Package includes UNI-9812 Machine Cart

UNI-9862 Included Items
H&S Part # Accessories
DTK-7700 Vacuum Dent Puller Kit
UNI-1065 Pulling Rods (Pack of 4’, 10”, 14”, 18”)
UNI-1091 Quick Pull 12” Bridge Puller
UNI-1092 34” Bridge Puller
UNI-1093 49” Bridge puller
UNI-1094 Bridge Suction Cup & Strap
UNI-1142 4mm Al/Mg Studs (250-Pak)
UNI-1162 6mm Al/Mg Studs (250-Pak)
UNI-1242 4mm Al/Si Studs (250-pak)
UNI-1262 6mm Al/Si Studs (250-Pak)
UNI-3005 Propane Torch
UNI-7600-01 Uni-Pull Stud & Tab Pulling Tool
UNI-7803 3-PCS Aluminum Hammer Kit
UNI-9812 DUAL-PRO 2.0 Machine Cart 5-Drawer
UNI-9851 Infrared Thermometer
UNI-9852 Stainless Steel Wire Brush

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