UNI-9802 Dual-Pro 2.0 Aluminum & Steel Repair System

Professional multifunction dent pulling system for aluminum and steel panels.

Product Description

Professional Dual pulling system for aluminum and steel panels with premium output power and digital control for ease of use and quick repairs. Select ALUMINUM or STEEL mode and set operator adjustments. System comes with Aluminum CD-gun and steel torch, 4mm & 6mm AL collets & studs, 4 spot tips for studs, wire, tabs or shrink rod and connects directly to slide-hammer for “Touch & Pull” operation with exclusive weld-tips. Package includes power supply with extended torches & ground cables, 2 AL-tips and 5 steel-tips, powered slide hammer with T-handle and hook, studs, tabs, wire and rods.

Input Power: 115VAV @ 8 Amps Output Power: 3000A / 90,000Uf
Dimensions: 17” x 9.0” x 13.5” Weight: 46 lbs. (21 Kgs.)

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