UNI 7800 Uni-Bar™ Taillight/Headlamp Removal Tool Set

Uni-Bar™ Taillight/Headlamp Removal Tool


• Designed to easily and safely remove automotive headlights and taillights, as well as trim items
• Comes with locating strips to identify the location of guide pins (two extra locating strips included)



Step 1: Use plastic probe to locate light cover guide pins (Figure 1 and 2).

Step 2: Once the guide pin has been located, insert either the straight or angled removal tool behind light at the guide pin. Be careful not to pry against the painted surface (Figure 3).

Step 3: Gently but firmly pry or pull tool to release light from position (Figure 4).

Caution: Always be careful when inserting metal tools. Do not force tool against painted surface or damage may occur.


Clip 1 could be removed using straight tool (Figure 6)
Clip 2 could be removed using angled tool (Figure 7)


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