UNI-6800 Self-Piercing Riveter


H&S Autoshot introduces the SPR-Pro Self-Piercing Riveter (UNI-6800). Rivet aluminum or steel panels with up to 9 tons of force (adjustable 4T-9T). This cold-forming process requires no heat or pre-drilled holes. The SPR-Pro is used for self-piercing, flow form, solid rivets, flattening, hole punching, and rivet removal. It is a completely cordless solution with LED light and intelligent trigger for quick adjustments. LCD display on the tool shows battery life, usage, and rivet pressure. Click-in post dies are standard for high pressure applications (stronger than threaded dies).

System includes ABS storage case, starter rivets, 16pc die set, 2 18V Li-Ion batteries and charger, and medium SPR tool arm. Optional small arm, large arm, and blind rivet attachment are available as well.


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