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NOTE: Effective Wednesday, January 27, 2016, all U.S. customers requiring warranty and non-warranty repairs should contact Nu-Tec Systems for a Return Good Authorization Number (see address information below). When returning items, clearly indicate the RGA number on the shipping label.

For warranty items, please include proof of purchase.

It is extremely important that this CURE-TEK product be registered immediately by the owner. If for any reason, the Registration Card is lost or misplaced, the owner should mail a copy of the bill of sales with an explanation to:


H&S Autoshot
c/0 Nu-Tec Systems
4376 Lee Ave.
Gurnee, IL 60031
Tel.: 847-662-8763


The model, serial number and date of purchase and delivery of this CURE-TEK product must be supplied if it is not indicated on the bill of sale. The owner should keep the original bill of sale in the event it might be required to provide proof of purchase.

H&S Autoshot Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Upon the following terms and conditions, H&S AUTOSHOT, MFG. CO. LTD (the Manufacturer) warrants to the owner, for the period of one (1) year from the purchase date, and upon the return of the Warranty Registration Card to the Manufacturer, all CURE-TEK paint curing products to be free from any and all defects in materials and or workmanship.

During the Manufacturer’s Warranty Period, the Manufacturer has arranged that a CURE-TEK service center, which may be your Retailer, if he has been appointed as such, will within a reasonable time:

  • repair this CURE-TEK product, or
  • install a replacement part in this CURE-TEK product found to be defective in material or workmanship.

Conditions and Limitations

The Manufacturer does not obligate itself under this warranty to:

  • replace the complete product, or
  • pay any transportation, freight, or handling charges incurred in connection with performing this warranty.

It is a condition of the Manufacturer’s obligations under this warranty, that the CURE-TEK product shall be:

  • operated in accordance with the operating instructions, or
  • used only for it’s designed purpose, and
  • put to normal use only.

The Warranty shall become invalid if the CURE-TEK product is:

  • used improperly or tampered with, or
  • if its factory-applied serial number is removed or changed.

This Warranty shall not apply to any part which has been damaged by:

  • accident
  • alteration
  • abuse
  • Act of God
  • service to the CURE-TEK product by anyone other than a CURE-TEK service center, or
  • failure to operate the CURE-TEK product according to the operating instructions.
  • neglect
  • misuse
  • transit
This Warranty shall not apply to any light bulb or heating element or other glass or quartz components.

The Manufacturer shall not be liable or responsible for personal injuries or damage to real or personal property, caused directly or indirectly by this CURE- TEK product.

Subject to the provisions listed below titled Consumer Rights, this is the only warranty covering this CURE-TEK product given by the Manufacturer and no other warranty or condition, statutory or otherwise, is given or extended by the Manufacturer. This warranty is in addition to any other warranty, and not a modification or subtraction from the statutory warranties and other rights and remedies, of persons other than the Manufacturer, which may apply to this CURE-TEK Product.

To the extent permitted by the law, this Manufacturer disclaims liability for consequential damages.

Any repair done under this warranty is warranted by the Manufacturer, only for the expiration of the original Manufacturer’s Warranty Period. Any replacement parts provided under this warranty are warranted by the Manufacturer, only to the expiration of the original Manufacturer’s Warranty Period.

Consumer Rights

To the extent that the provisions of any applicable legislation expressly replace, eliminate, amend, or extended any term or terms contained in this warranty, such terms shall be accordingly replaced, eliminated, amended or extended, as the case may be, in accordance with such legislation.