Premium quality complete paintless dent repair glue pulling system. Kit includes assorted pull knobs, glue, glue gun, squeeze puller, slide hammer and knockdowns as well as hand & pull suction cups all in a low-profile secure storage case.

Product Description

The GPR7500 Glue Puller is designed to let you lever out dents from the panel surface without damaging the paint: no holes to drill and no interior panels to be removed.

Works on panels where conventional tools will not reach – no limitations by unseen restrictions behind the panel.

  • Great for PDR specialists wishing to reduce their repair time
  • Great for shop owners or bodymen wishing to keep PDR work in-shop
  • Made from lightweight, durable aluminum
  • Dual lever action for even weight distribution while pulling
  • Nylon knock down will not mark the paint surface
  • Large protective feet adjust to the contours of the panel surface
Kit Contents”

  • Lightweight duel lever dent puller
  • Two sizes of pulling knobs
  • Two strengths of specialized glue
  • Nylon knockdown to finish the work
  • Professional glue gun


The Glue Puller is guaranteed for 1 year against defects in materials and workmanship.

Distributed exclusively in North America
by H&S Autoshot


Using a contrast light, identify the exact size and shape of the dent. Glue the pulling knob to the lowest spot in the dent, using the special Glue Puller Hot Melt Glue.
Attach the Glue Puller to the pulling knob and lever out the dent by applying a squeezing action to the levers. The dent can be progressively levered, applying only as much force as is necessary. Larger dents may require several pulls.
The dent is initially slightly over pulled. The high spot is then carefully tapped down using the knock down and a composite-type hammer.
The finished result is a like-new panel, without drilling holes or stripping out the interior. The Glue Puller works great on door dings, baseball hits, etc.

MSDS GP7530 Glue

MSDS GP7535 Glue