The Autotron is the most powerful, safe, versatile and complete induction heating system available to collision repair, automotive recycling facilities, and other automotive professionals.
  • 110 volt, can be converted to 220 volt, yielding 3300 watts of output power for heavy heating applications
  • Adjustable power control
  • Remote start/stop receptacle for foot switch (included), or other start/stop device

  • Compact size, measures 9”x9”x14”
  • Large, visible output power meter
  • CE & CSA approved design
  • Comes with a training DVD and owner’s manual
Why choose Autotron?

  • R & I side mouldings in less than
    6 minutes
    – Re-use original OEM tape
  • R & I quarter glass in less than 12 minutes
    – No wire, knives or damage
    – Perfectly clean pinch welds
  • R & I core support labels and manufacturing data labels in seconds

  • Instantly cure high solids primer
    – block sandable in 60 seconds without solvent popping and shrinkage
  • Heat nuts and bolts cherry red in seconds without flame
  • Paintless dent repair and metal shrinking*

    *Optional Magnapopper Inductor required

Included with the Autotron 3300:

1: 3307 – Body Pro Inductor
2: 3305 – Glass Pro Inductor
3: 3306 – Bolt Pro Inductor
4: 3301 – Versa-Wedges

For more accessories available for Autotron 3300, please click here.