Company History

H&S Autoshot began over 25 years ago in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada where its head office is still located today. Over the years, a need for an American location was recognized and a warehouse / manufacturing facility was established in Niagara Falls, New York, USA.

The Uni-Spotter stud welder was an original pioneer of stud welders in the auto body industry. Over the years, it has grown to be the standard of the industry and sets the criteria for all other stud welding technology.

In 1998, H&S Autoshot acquired a lamp manufacturing company in Iowa and formed the Cure-Tek division of H&S. That division is now located in Georgetown, Ontario with a warehouse and service operation in Niagara Falls, NY. Cure-Tek manufactures curing lamps for refinishing applications, both in short wave and UV technologies. Cure-Tek has become an integral part of the H&S product offering and will be instrumental in leading the company into the future.

Market share, brand awareness and product placement in distribution channels are the earmarks of H&S Autoshot’s ongoing success. With commitment through new product development and application of company resources, H&S Autoshot will continue to hold a unique position in the refinish market.

Nu-Tec Systems LLC, a leading manufacturer of automotive repair arc welding and plasma cutting systems, has acquired H & S Autoshot Manufacturing Co. Ltd of Georgetown, Ontario effective January 8, 2016. H&S Autoshot, founded in 1980, is the market leader in hand-held stud welder dent pulling systems in North America and recently introduced the UNI-9850 dual stud welding system capable of welding both steel and aluminum panels.

Michael Cooper, President of Nu-Tec Systems, said, β€œH&S Autoshot is the premier manufacturer of professional stud welding dent pulling systems in North America with an exceptionally high skilled sales organization.” Further, he said, β€œIt is a rare opportunity that two companies have such great synergies of welding systems designed specifically to address the needs of the collision repair industry.”

H&S Autoshot Canadian customers will continue to be serviced from the Georgetown, Ontario facility and all other H&S Autoshot customers will be serviced by a new expanded Nu-Tec Systems U.S. manufacturing & distribution facility.