Designed for creases and larger damaged areas

Product Description

Fits all UNI-SPOTTER Stud Welders

  • The Uni-Wire is cut to length and a Uni-Spotter stud welder is used to weld it in place.
  • Either the four-finger, or the nine-finger claw is used to pull the lowest area of the dent first.
  • Purchase as a complete kit, or as individual components.
Kit Components:

  • 2100 1/2 lb. Uni-Wire bundle*
  • 2101 1 lb. Uni-Wire bundle
  • 1041 Uni-Wire Eliminator body
  • 2110 Uni-Wire welding tip
  • 2114 four finger Uni-Claw*
  • 2119 nine finger Uni-Claw*
  • 2130 Uni-Wire conversion kit*
    (1041 Eliminator & 2110 tip)

*Part of 2120 Uni-Wire Deluxe Kit