UNI-9700 Dual Aluminum & Steel Dent Pull Gun

Compact stud gun welds both aluminum and steel pulling studs to  panels for quick & easy dent pulling repair. Patented microprocessor  control assures maximum pull strength with minimal heat distortion.  Package includes 9700 gun with 15’ cable to 115VAC power supply, aluminum & steel studs and pull tabs, tips and weld-tip puller is ABS gun storage case.



The Dual-Spotter DELUXE is the one and only hand-held stud gun capable of setting both steel and aluminum pulling studs. It’s unique patented micropressor design provides accurate current control to assure maximum pulling strength with minimal heat distortion. There is no burn-thru on the interior side of the panel to remove protective coatings and the studs (or tabs) are easily removed from the panel with much less surface damage than is common with conventional stud welders. The touch-tip ground legs provide positive contact on all surfaces and are clearly identifiable, to prevent cross contamination, for steel or aluminum panels.9700Professional Dual-Spotter pulling gun for aluminum and steel panels. Hand-held gun has adjustable output power with LED display and 15’ torch cable to ETL Certified 115VAC charging power supply with output status LEDs circular connector and lighted power switch. Compact stud gun comes with collets for both steel and aluminum studs, two ground pin set-ups weld-tip pulling arm and assorted pulling studs. All items are included in a heavy-duty ABS carrying case for storage.

Input Power: 115 VAC @ 0.8 Amps
Dimensions: 21″ X 9.50# X 19″
Output Power: 2250A/70,000Uf
Weight: 27.8 Lbs. (12.6 Kgs.)



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